Saturday, November 10, 2007

How to Tame Your Hamster


Taming can be a long process, don't expect your hamster to suddenly like be handled over night. It can take weeks or even months depending on the hamster. When you first get your hamster leave it alone for the first 24 hours to let it get used to it's surroundings. After this time feed your hamster some treats from your hand so they get used to seeing your hand. Wait until your hamster wakes up on it's own to do this, hamsters don't like being woken up and it could result in you getting a nasty bite.

Once your hamster seems confident with taking treats out of your hand you can try to start handling your hamster. Before you handle your hamster make sure you have washed your hands well. Hamsters have a strong sense of smell. If they smell something on your hand they may mistake it for food and decide to bite!

Get a cup or something similar and place it into the hamster's cage. He should come to investigate and crawl inside. Take the hamster and cup out of the cage and let him walk out onto your hand. While you do this make sure you're sat down or sat close to the floor incase your hamster decides to jump. Let him walk from hand to hand. Be careful you don't grab or wrap your hands around your hamster until he is fully tame as this may scare him and he'll jump out of your hand.

Once your hamster is more confident with you, you can start to pick up your hamster straight from it's cage. Just make sure your hamster is aware that you are there, if not you may suddenly scare the hamster and it may turn around and bite you.

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