Monday, November 12, 2007

The Roborovski Hamster


The Roborovski Hamster originates from Western and Eastern Mongolia and Northern China. Roborovski Hamsters were imported into the UK in the 1960s by London Zoo but the present UK stock was imported from Holland in 1990. Roborovski Hamsters were later imported into the USA and are now available as pets in many countries.
The Roborovski Hamster is the smallest of the hamster species kept as pets, being only around 4-5 cm in length. The natural colour is sandy-gold over the back with a white belly and distinctive white "eyebrows" which gives them a very appealing appearance although other varieties exist.

Roborovski Hamsters are extremely active and fast and so are not widely kept as a pet as they are much more difficult to handle than the other species of Dwarf Hamster. This makes them unsuitable pets for children who want a pet they can hold and play with but are a fascinating pet for those who prefer simply to observe, particularly when given a large and interesting environment in which to live. Roborovski Hamsters are, however, of very good temperament and rarely nip.
As Roborovski Hamsters are not a suitable pet for children they are rarely seen in pet shops but can be obtained from specialist hamster breeders in various countries.

The average lifespan of the Roborovski Hamster is 3-3½ years although they can live longer.

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